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What more could I want from Zonga

I’m not a good friend with grooveshark, spotify or other streaming services from outside. Usually when I find a song that I like I add it to my favorite playlist on Youtube or on , only here the quality of the music is not excellent.

Zonga brings legal music to good quality through a web interface and a mobile application. However, it has some shortcomings.

What I like:

with the music more or less (subjective thing) he has, Zonga satisfies a real and important need: the discovery of other songs. I know some music, I knew who signed the album Brothers in Arms at the party (nț, nț), but every day I find new songs (that is, at the first audition for me) worthy of the daily playlist;
the classification by albums and artists seems to me well implemented;
the option to add a song from the player to a playlist of favorites is great.
What else would I have wanted:
First, the problem would have been treated differently. If I’m in beta, let me test. Don’t ask me for 5 euros to use the most useful options of the service and to give you feedback on them. The fact that I am among the first 500 people who can pay for a beta product does not warm me at all. With a one-month trial, the job is done;

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